It is the Academy’s job to build AF leaders through academic excellence, military training, and leadership development. It is the role of cadets to persevere through daily challenges such as morning minutes, weekend SAMIs, academic and physical struggles. And it is rich tradition for cadets to receive a coin for each of several milestones along the USAFA journey. The academy provided an Acceptance Day coin to every cadet who completed BCT. Now it’s up to the parents to honor future milestones such as Recognition, Exemplar, Commitment, and Graduation.

Why are we asking for money?
The cost to design, mint, package, and distribute the coins over the next 4 years is approximately $125 per cadet. USAFA doesn’t pay for this. So we are asking each family to donate $125. And since every cadet will receive the coins, but not everyone is able to make the contribution, we welcome larger gifts which will cover the cost of several cadets.

Please consider joining the “2022 Co-Pilot’s Club” with a generous gift of $2022. You’ll receive a handsome plaque which will contain a space for a photo of your cadet, a spot for each coin as they are received, and an inscription honoring your sacrifice.

We are a 501 (c) 3 organization so all donations are tax deductible.