Donations can be one-time or annually! All donations are tax-deductible.

Cadet Supporter
Any amount helps! Your donation, from $5 – $120, will help purchase milestone challenge coins for the USAFA Class of 2022 Cadets.

Cadet Sponsor
Your $125 contribution will fund all five milestone challenge coins for one Cadet. Each coin will be presented to the Cadet as he/she reaches each milestone throughout his/her time at the Academy.

Silver = $250, Gold = $500, Platinum = $1,000

USAFA Class of 2022 Spirit Mission Co-Pilot Patron Award
Become a member of this honorable group! Those who donate $2022 will not only fund the purchase of the five milestone challenge coins for a large group of cadets but will also receive recognition for their generosity.

Co-Pilot Patrons will be recognized for their contributions and awarded a beautiful commemorative plaque that showcases all five challenge coins – specially minted for the USAFA Class of 2022.

Payment for the Co-Pilot Patron Award sponsorship can be made one-time, monthly, or annually.

Funded Programs


The USAFA Class of 2022 will make substantial sacrifices during their four years of rigorous academic and military training.

Most cadets manage the stress related to attending USAFA by simply looking toward each milestone. Our mission is to help celebrate them meeting those milestones.

Your donation will not only help your cadet – but those cadets who may not have a strong support system or who’s family does not have the means to contribute to the Spirit Mission.

Dennis P. Rando Cadet Humanitarian Fund

The Rando Fund is named in honor of C1C Dennis P. Rando, one of several cadets in the 1990s who perished before graduating. When an honor guard of his classmates had to pay travel expenses to his memorial service from their own pockets, a group of Massachusetts parents founded the Rando Fund.

Since 1997 the Rando Fund has raised private support to provide the means for cadets travel to represent the Academy at services of their fallen colleagues. In 2012 the USAFA Endowment assumed the collection and management of such gifts, with no change to the Rando Fund mission. Thank you for your gift.